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Evil Genesis


2-5 players

80 min

From €16 per person

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Evil Genesis - Image 127

Saliste, Romania, 1975. In the shadow of a missing priest in one of the oldest villages in the country, you and your friends, fans of the paranormal, decide to visit the area. The religious community believes the disappearance is linked to a hilltop inn. According to legend, the inn was built on top of a demolished 1850s Victorian church. As a continuation of the legend, we hear that the church was demolished because it was possessed by evil! The priest is an emissary of the Vatican to investigate and exorcise anything evil in the area. Your first stop is this inn. Are you ready to cross its threshold?

The room is not suitable for people with epilepsy or heart problems. For people 16+ years old.

Suggested number of players 4 people: the ideal number to get the most out of your experience according to the creators of the room!

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